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Roulettes Team 2017

The Roulettes are the Royal Australian Air Force’s aerobatic display team. They were established in 1970 following the success of the Air Force’s earlier aerobatics teams, the Red Sales and the Telstars.

The Roulettes first public display was at RAAF Base Point Cook in December 1970. At that time, the team was flying the Macchi MB-326 aircraft. In 1989, the Roulettes switched to the Pilatus PC-9/A aircraft which replaced the Macchi as the Air Force’s pilot training aircraft.

The Roulettes have operated continuously since their inception and have expanded to become the six aircraft, seven member team we have today.

Roulette displays consist of a number of manoeuvres flown in various formations at low level. They are an extension of the skills of formation, aerobatics, low level flying and airmanship that all Air Force pilots are taught on pilots’ course and develop throughout their career.

With the team flying as close as three metres apart, the pilots are able to showcase the expertise in visual judgement and hand-eye coordination that pilots across Air Force achieve.

The Roulettes fly as low as 250 feet (80 m) at speeds of up to 250 knots (460 Km/h). Throughout the display the pilots can experience up to 6 ‘G’, or 6 times the force of gravity.

There are two display seasons per year of six months each, with displays flown all around Australia.

Roulette pilots are Qualified Flying Instructors on staff at the Central Flying School. Between displays they teach other Air Force pilots to become instructors. The team is based at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria.

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Season 2 2017 Roulettes Team

Roulettes 1




Squadron Leader Jay Tuffley, 38, grew up in Geraldton, WA and began flying when he was just 16 years old.  He joined the RAAF in 2001 after completing a Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Management. Following his graduation from Pilots’ Course in 2003, Jay flew the AP3-C Orion and was involved in various exercises and operations within Australia and abroad.

In 2009 Jay graduated as a Qualified Flying Instructor before instructing on the PC9/A at No. 2 Flying Training School in Perth. In 2012 Jay trained flying instructors at Central Flying School before joining the Roulettes where he performed for three seasons as Roulette 4 and Roulette 5.

In 2014 Jay was posted to A Flight Commander at ADF BFTS in Tamworth and promoted to Squadron Leader. Jay thoroughly enjoyed instructing military pilot trainees on the CT4B, watching them progress from first solo to becoming accredited military aviators.

In 2016 Jay was the first RAAF pilot converted onto the PC-21 aircraft in Switzerland. Flying over the Swiss Alps was an experience he will never forget. With over 4500 hours flying time, Jay is a highly experienced military pilot and instructor, he looks forward to his first season as Roulette Lead.

Away from work Jay enjoys the outdoor lifestyle; he spends time fishing, camping, snow boarding and practicing archery.

Roulettes 2




Flight Lieutenant Daniel Price, 35, was born in Brisbane. After joining the RAAF in 2000, he studied at the Australian Defence Force Academy, earning degrees in Technology and Aeronautical Engineering. After graduating from No. 206 Pilots Course he was posted to fly the KA350 King Air, initially at 32 Squadron in East Sale and then later at the Aircraft Research and Development Unit at RAAF Base Edinburgh in Adelaide. 

After completing Flying Instructors Course in 2012, Daniel instructed trainee pilots on the PC-9/A at No. 2 Flying Training School at RAAF Pearce.  After 18 months he returned to East Sale to undertake flying instructional duties on the King Air at 32 Squadron. Subsequently Daniel was posted to Central Flying School to train military flying instructors. This is Daniel’s first season with the Roulettes.

Daniel has over 3000 hours of military flying time, more than 1000 of which are on the PC9/A. Away from the cockpit, he enjoys spending time with his young family, and indulging in good coffee.

Roulettes 3



Flight Lieutenant Owen Rose, 39, is from Miles, Queensland. He joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1996 as an Aircraft Structural Fitter. After many years of repairing aircraft, Owen decided it was time to try flying them and graduated from No. 208 Pilots Course in 2007. On graduation he was posted to 32 Squadron at RAAF East Sale where he flew the KA350 King Air.

In 2010 he completed Flying Instructors Course and was posted back to 32 Squadron to instruct on the KA350 King Air. In 2013 Owen was posted to No. 2 Flying Training School at RAAF Pearce in Western Australia to train pilots on the PC9/A. Owen’s following posting was to Central Flying School in 2017 to teach on Flying Instructors Course before being selected to join the Roulettes for his first season in the team. Owen has 2,900 hours flying experience.

Away from work you can find Owen spending time in his shed cutting, welding and bending anything metal.

Roulettes 4



Flight Lieutenant Allister Berryman, 37, was born in Launceston, Tasmania, and began flying at the age of 16. He joined the Air Force in 2002 and completed 196 Pilots Course in 2004. Following pilot training, Allister was posted to No. 33 Squadron to fly the Boeing 707 air-to-air refuelling aircraft. During his time at 33 Squadron Allister had the opportunity to travel extensively, conducting many humanitarian aid missions including Tsunami assist in 2005. Allister was fortunate enough to operate the B707 until it was retired from RAAF service in 2008, flying over 1,300 hours on the aircraft.

Allister completed Flying Instructors Course in 2011 and was posted to Basic Flying Training School in Tamworth, flying the CT4B. In 2013 Allister was posted to Central Flying School at RAAF East Sale, Victoria, giving him the opportunity to fly both the CT4B and PC9/A, training Defence Force pilots to become flying instructors.

Allister has over 3,500 flying hours and has previously performed the role of Roulette 7. This is his third season as Roulette 4. He and his wife live on a small property with their three horses and their Dalmatian called Jemima.

Roulettes 5




Flight Lieutenant Charles Manning, 41, grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He joined the RAAF in 1994 and completed a Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering at the Australian Defence Force Academy before graduating on No. 175 Pilots Course in 1998. Following Pilots Course, he was posted to 37 Squadron to fly the C130 Hercules in Richmond NSW. In the following years, Charles completed a number of postings on various models of the Hercules giving him the opportunity to travel throughout Asia, the Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

In 2007 Charles completed Flying Instructors Course and was posted to No. 2 Flying Training School at RAAF Pearce to instruct trainees on the PC9/A. Following this he was posted to 285 Squadron for further instructional duties on the C130J Hercules before returning to the PC9/A at Air Training Wing and subsequently Central Flying School. Charles has 5000 hours flying experience and this is his fifth season with the Roulettes, and his first as Roulette 5 and Deputy Lead.

Outside of work you can find Charles in his shed, making sawdust out of good timber, or getting stung by his bees as he tries to steal their honey.

Roulettes 6




Flight Lieutenant Des Hales, 38, grew up in Boyupbrook, WA and started flying at a young age.  Des joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 2003 as a direct entry pilot and graduated from No. 200 Pilots Course in 2005.  On graduation he was posted to 37 Squadron to fly the C130J Hercules. During his time at 37 Squadron Des was involved in operations in East Timor and in the Middle East Region.

In 2010 he completed Flying Instructors Course and was posted to the Basic Flying Training School in Tamworth. Following his time training ab-initio military pilots Des participated in an instructor exchange with the Royal New Zealand Air Force at Ohakea, instructing on the B200 King Air. On return from New Zealand Des was posted to Central Flying School where he now instructs on the CT4B and PC9/A.

Des has over 4000 military and civilian flying hours and this is his third season flying with the Roulettes, and his first as Roulette 6. Outside of work Des enjoys anything cycling, especially mountain biking.

Roulettes 7




Flight Lieutenant Ashley Kissock, 29, was born in Adelaide and grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney. He started his flying training extremely young, at only 14 years of age. He joined the RAAF in 2007 completing a Bachelor of Technology in Aviation at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

In 2010 Ashley graduated from No. 221 Pilots Course at 2 Flying Training School in Perth. On graduating he was posted to No. 36 Squadron to fly the C-17/A Globemaster at RAAF Base Amberley in Brisbane. During his time at 36 Squadron Ashley travelled extensively around the world, conducted many  operational missions in the Middle East region, assisted in the MH17 disaster, and participated in humanitarian assistance in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2016 Ashley was posted to Central Flying School as Roulette 7. In this position Ashley is responsible for flying the spare aircraft, providing display commentary and assisting with the organisation and planning for each display.

Ashley has over 1,900 flying hours and this is his third season with the Roulettes. He has recently become a father, and in his down time Ashley enjoys spending time with his wife and new son.