Aviation Candidate Selection Centre

The Aviation Candidate Management Centre (ACMC) is located at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria.  The ACMC is responsible for conducting the following activities:

  • Aviation Screening Program
  • Aviation Motivation Program
  • Aviation Progression program

Aviation Screening Program

Once candidates successfully complete primary selection at Defence Force Recruiting Centres, Air Combat Officer and Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller candidates travel to RAAF Base East Sale to complete the Aviation Screening Program (ASP).

Defence Force Recruiting Centre staff organise all travel and candidates are accommodated on base at East Sale.

The ASP is a two program, with candidates visiting a number of units on base on the first day and then completing the RAAF Officer Selection Board (ROSB) on the second.

Aviation Motivation Program

The ACMC is responsible for the coordinating a number of aviation programs to increase the awareness of the Officer Aviation (OA) Specialisations within the Royal Australian Air Force. The RAAF OA specialisations are Air Combat Officer, Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller, and Pilot. To assist in these motivation programs the ACMC use the Air Force Simulator Experience (AFSE).

The AFSE is a trailer that contains two F/A-18 Super Hornet simulators and two controller simulators that can be used to simulate both Air traffic Control and Air Battle Manger roles.

If you would like the AFSE, as well as some experienced RAAF OAs, to visit your School, Cadet Unit or Flying Training organisations, contact the ACMC at AMEP.ACMC@defence.gov.au. There is no cost associated with the AFSE when it visits education and training organisation or Cadet Units.

Other programs conducted at East Sale that the ACMC supports are the:

Aviation Progression Program

The Aviation Progression Program (AMP) was created to develop a data collection and analysis system to improve the selection and progression of Officer Aviation Candidates though the selection and training continuum.  The AMP is manned by a staff of Behavioural Scientists, Statisticians and Educators.