Aviation Screening Program

Once candidates successfully complete primary selection at Defence Force Recruiting Centres, Air Combat Officer and Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller candidates travel to RAAF Base East Sale to complete the Aviation Screening Program (ASP).

The ASP is a two program although you will travel to East the day the before the program starts. Defence Force Recruiting Centre staff organise all travel and candidates are accommodated on base at East Sale.


On the first day of the program you will receive a welcome brief from an Aviation Candidate Management Centre (ACMC) staff member who will explain the activities you will be doing. You will then spend the remainder of the day visiting a number of units.


Number One Flying Training School (1FTS) is responsible for conducting Air Combat Officer Initial Employment Training (IET). During the visit you will be given the tour of the 1FTS facilities and be briefed by experienced ACO instructors about the different ACO streams.  Depending on their availability you may be able to undertake some exercises on some of the 1FTS simulators.


The School of Air Traffic Control (SATC) is responsible for conducting Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller IET. SATC have an array simulators that you will able to of  as well have the opportunity  units around the base.  a number of units with candidates visiting a number of units on base on the first day and then completing the RAAF Officer Selection Board (ROSB) on the second.

453SQN Detachment East Sale

The East Sale Detachment of 453SQN is responsible for the operational Ait Traffic Control services at RAAF Base East Sale.  During your ASP you will visit both the tower and approach sections.


32SQN pilots fly the Kingair 350 aircraft that are used for some of the ACO training. During a visit to the 32SQN flightline you have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a Kingair 350.


All students selected for ACO, JBAC or PLT training will need to undergo Officer Training at the RAAF Officer Training School either for Initial Officer Training for Direct Entry Officers and Single Service Training for Australian Defence Force Academy Entry.


On the second day of the ASP you will participate in RAAF Officer Selection Board (ROSB) activities. The Board is made up of a board President, who has an Officer Aviation background, a Military Psychologist and is Specialist Officer.  If you are applying for both ACO and JBAC you will have two Specialist Officers present during the interview.

The second day will start with a briefing on how the ROSB activities will be conducted.  You will then be given the opportunity to introduce yourself to the board members.

Following the introduction a group exercise will be conducted where you will be given a scenario and tasked with coming up with a solution that has group consensus.

Each candidate is then separately given an article to review and prepare an oral presentation. Following the oral presentation you will be interviewed with each member of the board asking some questions.

After the board members have had some time to discuss your performance, you will be debriefed and be given a recommendation.  During the debrief there will be a Defence Force Recruiting Career Councillor present who will be able to debrief you further and discuss “what’s next” in the recruitment process.

The ROSB members only make recommendation to Personnel Branch, who make the final decision whether to make you a letter of offer.

Air Force Simulator Experience

The AFSE is a trailer that contains two F/A-18 Super Hornet simulators and two controller simulators that can be used to simulate both Air traffic Control and Air Battle Manger roles.

The ACMC operates the AFSE in partnership with the Brisbane based Air Combat Centre. Air Combat Centre own the AFSE and are responsible for transporting the trailer to the desired locations and well as setting up and packing the simulators.  Air Combat Centre staff instruct inside the AFSE while Air Combat Officer (ACO), Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller (JBAC), and Pilot (PLT) brief and debrief participants before and after the exercise.

ACOs, JBACs and PLTs also help participants try on flight safety and equipment, answers question and assist in other activities like Air Traffic Control games.

As well as taking the AFSE on the road, ACMC staff also conducts some motivation activities at the Air Combat Centre using both the AFSE and their 737 Simulator.

If you would like the AFSE, as well as some experienced RAAF ACOs, JBACs and PLTs, to visit your School, Cadet Unit or Flying Training organisations, contact the ACMC at ??????@defence.gov.au. There is no cost associated with the AFSE visiting education and training organisation or Cadet Units.

When the AFSE is not being used for motivation activities, flights can be booked directly with the Air Combat Centre.

Note: Currently there is only one AFSE and it is based in Brisbane.  It is hoped that additional AFSEs will be procured if sufficient interest is generated from other areas of Australia.