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Women in the Air Force

Air Force is reflective of modern Australian society and is therefore committed to developing diverse and inclusive teams that contribute to Air Force capability. We value the contributions of our people and recognise that our members' combined knowledge, skills and experiences are an ongoing essential element of Air Force’s success.

All job roles in Air Force are open to women, and women and men doing the same job get the same pay. The range of jobs are as diverse as the people we employ and range from roles including Pilot, Engineer, Logistics, Administration, Security, Education, Air Traffic Control, Doctor and other allied health roles. To find out more about jobs for you in Air Force click on the Women in the Air Force link.

In April 2017, women represented 20.1% of our Air Force personnel and we want to increase this number. We are investing considerable resources as we recognise that women are a largely untapped group of potential talent. This is especially the case in those fields considered ‘non-traditional’ for women such as technical trades and aircrew roles. As part of this commitment, a dedicated team was established in 2009 to examine opportunities to attract and retain Air Force women.  Some of the strategies that have been implemented include greater access to flexible work, better management of breaks in careers and the improvement of available mentoring and support networks.

Project WINTER (Women in Non Traditional Roles). This project is specifically aimed at increasing the participation and support of women in Air Force jobs where they represent less than 7% of that workforce.  Some of these initiatives include:

Graduate Pilot Scheme- The GPS has been introduced to attract women to become Air Force pilots. The scheme is currently available to women studying a Bachelor of Aviation (BAv). Click here to find out more about the GPS. GPS is now open to all Universities offering a Bachelor of Aviation (BAv). (Defence Jobs website will be updated in the near future to reflect this).

CAF Scholarships. Each year the Chief of Air Force awards two scholarships to young women under the age of 24. This scholarship is designed to assist young women in the costs of pursuing a career in aviation. To find out how to apply click here.

Air Force was recently accredited as a 'Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace' by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, the first military organisation in the world to achieve such an accreditation. This recognition publicly demonstrates Air Force's commitment and support to women returning to work following maternity leave.

Female aircrew

Women are eligible to fly as aircrew and/or be in control of all Air Force aircraft platforms. As at April 2017 there are 233 female aircrew and aircraft controllers in Air Force, with another 88 females undergoing training to be aircrew or controllers. This includes Officer Aviation jobs such as Pilots, Air Combat Officers (Mission Aircrew and Ground Controllers) and Air Traffic Controllers; and Airmen Aircrew such as Airborne Electronic Analysts, Crew Attendants and Loadmasters.

Women in Aviation Aerospace Australia

Air Force is pleased to announce that it has continued its partnership with Aerospace Australia (AA) which includes branches of Women in Aviation / Aerospace Australia (WA/AA) and Young Aviation / Aerospace Australia (YA/AA).  The partnership with AA was initially established in 2014 to assist our workforce develop broader aviation networks. Click on the logo for more information.