Women in Aviation / Aerospace Australia

Air Force is pleased to announce that it has continued its partnership with Aerospace Australia (AA) which includes branches of Women in Aviation / Aerospace Australia (WA/AA) and Young Aviation / Aerospace Australia (YA/AA).  The partnership with AA was initially established in 2014 to assist our workforce develop broader aviation networks.  The partnership is targeted at women working in non traditional roles and our younger members but any RAAF members may participate. 

Aviation/Aerospace Australia is a not-for-profit independent association, with an over arching objective to contribute to the long term health and sustainability of Australia’s aviation and aerospace sector.

Women in Aviation Australia (WA/AA)

WA/AA is a national forum that provides resources and networking opportunities to promote the participation of women in Australia’s aviation and aerospace industry. It is an excellent initiative and it currently holds partnerships with other major Australian aviation organisations including Air Services Australia and Thales.  The forum holds events throughout Australia, a major annual conference (Melbourne -Oct 14) and will be arranging a major networking event at the Avalon Air Show in March 2015.  WA/AA provides networks within Australia but also includes the ability to tap into international forums (eg Women in Aviation) who provide excellent role models and mentors in aviation occupations which the Air Force do not have any senior representation.

Given the low representation of women in our non traditional employment groups this partnership provides the opportunity to access mentors and education external to Air Force that will be invaluable to the ongoing development and support of Air Force women. Air Force women have previously been engaged in the WA/AA program as either guest speakers and/or attendees at a number of events.  Air Force will also be engaging with WA/AA to share our aviation experiences, the first being a view of 34SQN operations in Jun 14 as part of a broader WA/AA event at Canberra Airport.

More information on WA/AA events can be found at: www.aviationaerospace.org.au/initiatives/women-in-aaa/

Young Aviation / Aerospace Australia (YA/AA)

YA/AA host a number of events across a number of different locations (see attached flyer). These events are generally aimed at the Gen X and Gen Y age groups. They include social networking, site tours and professional development type events. Membership is an individual cost of $77 for new members and an annual fee of $55 for members wishing to renew.   This forum is excellent to establish relationships for younger members of the RAAF with the broader aviation community.  

More information can be found at:  http://www.aviationaerospace.org.au/initiatives/young-aaa/