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The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is a general purpose vehicle for on and off-road use.

It is available as a four-wheel-drive panel van, station wagon or carryall; and as a six-wheel-drive dog transport, command post, ambulance, or surveillance vehicle.

Powered by a V6 diesel with five-speed gearbox, it has enhanced handling and rollover protection for a safer ride in more comfort, especially over longer distances across Australia. It also meets Euro-V emission standards.

G-Wagons have been used by the Air Force to support training exercises such as Exercise Talisman Sabre, Exercise Precision Support and Exercise Pitch Black.

Air Force purchased 119 G-Wagons, acquired under LAND 121 Phase 3A (Project Overlander), a $7.5 billion program delivering 7500 protected and unprotected vehicles to the Australian Defence Force over the next 10 years.

In addition, Haulmark trailers will be introduced with the G-wagon - either single-axle – with a payload of 800kg – or tandem-axle – with a payload of 1500kg.

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Manufacturer Mercedes Benz
Role General purpose vehicle
Crew Driver
Engine V6 turbo Diesel
Weight 1180 kg (4WD) - 2390 kg (6WD)
Size Length 4.8 m (4WD) - 6.9 m (6WD), width 1.8 m (4WD) - 3 m (6WD), height 2.2 m (4WD) - 2.8 m (6WD)
Max speed As per road speed limits