Royal Australian Air Force Aircraft
Panther Airfield Fire Truck

The Panther is a high-performance Airfield Fire Truck which provides emergency response to aircraft incidents to save life and minimise damage.

Air Force operates 19 Panthers at airfields and training establishments across Australia, and one truck deployed to the Middle East during 2013

Manufactured by Austrian firm Rosenbauer, the Panther is a six-wheel-drive, on and off-road vehicle with digital controls and an air-conditioned cab for the driver and crew of three.

A two-stage centrifugal pump can project water and foam to a range of 70m. Each truck can carry 8500 litres of water and 1300 litres of fire-retardant foam concentrate and project 6200 litres a minute from its roof and bumper-mounted cannons. A quick attack hose reel and discharge outlets enable fire fighters to conduct offensive aircraft rescue and fire fighting. The Panther is also equipped with a Minimax dry chemical powder fire-fighting system.

Fully loaded, it can accelerate from a standing start to 80km/h within 35 seconds.

Manufacturer: Rosenbauer
Role: Emergency response
Crew: One driver, three fire fighters
Engine: 14 litre Series 60 DDEC V Detroit Diesel
Weight: Approx 36 tonnes
Size: Length 11.75 m, width 3.3 m, height 3.5 m
Max speed: 120 km/h