Titan fire-fighting field truck

Titan Truck FireThe Titan Truck Fire General Purpose is a four-wheel-drive vehicle used for aircraft rescue fire fighting and structural rescue fire fighting in a deployed environment.

Each vehicle carries 2800 litres of water and 400 litres of fire retardant foam and is capable of continuous operation given sufficient supplies and personnel. Each is capable of stationary fire fighting or “pump and roll” operation using a roof-mounted turret.

Manufactured by US firm E-One, the Titan carries a crew of four in an air-conditioned cab, with breathing apparatus built into the seating. UHF and VHF radio are fitted and the vehicle has visual and audio warning systems.

Titan provides the deployable fire truck capability for Air Force.

Defence intends to replace the Titan under project Land 998 (Aviation Fire Trucks Replacement), with the new vehicle expected to enter service in the 2016 to 2018 timeframe.


Vehicle mass: Approx 15 tonnes
Length: 7922mm
Width: 3030mm
Height: 2896mm
Engine: Detroit Diesel