The BOI Report



Volume 2  

The Findings - Terms of Reference Expressed, Explored and Discussed. Identification of the general details and personnel affected.


Table of Contents

Part 1

          Chapter 1 Recognition of the Problem and Summary of Evidence
  Annex A Terms of Reference
  Annex B The 501 WG Inquiry Officer’s Recommendations and Board Comment
  Annex C List of Witnesses by Category
  Annex D List of Witnesses who appeared before the Board
Chapter 2 Background - The Deseal/Reseal Programs in Perspective
Chapter 3 The First Deseal/Reseal Program 1977 - 1982
Chapter 4 The Second Deseal/Reseal Program 1991 - 1993
Chapter 5 The Spray Seal Program 1996 - 1999
Chapter 6 The Wings Deseal/Reseal Program 1985 -1992
Chapter 7 The Chemicals, Their Toxicity & Their Application
Annex A Chemicals used on each program
Annex B Chemical Data
Annex C Material Safety Data Sheets
Annex D Danek Report
Chapter 8 Personal Protective Equipment
  Annex A PPE Lists
Chapter 9 Work Instructions, Methods & Practices
Annex A Hierarchy of Technical Regulations and Instructions
Chapter 10 Occupational Health & Safety Regulatory framework
Annex A Hierarchy of OHS Regulations and Instructions
Annex B Commonwealth Compensation Legislation
Chapter 11 Compliance With Instructions
  Chapter 12 Personnel Who May Have Been Exposed
    Annex A List of Personnel Who May Have Been Exposed to Hazardous Chemicals and Their Duties
  Annex B Photographs of Deseal/Reseal Section Personnel 1980-1992
  Chapter 13 Medical
  Annex A Dr Donaldson Report – Nature and Extent of Health Complaints
  Annex B List of Health Complaints
  Annex C Claims for Compensation
Annex D Terms of Reference for the DVA/Defence Epidemiological Study  
Appendix 1 Cross Reference - Terms of Reference vs Sections of Inquiry Report
Appendix 2 Glossary
Appendix 3 List of Abbreviations
Appendix 4 RAAF Organisational Structures 1977-1999

Part 2

          Chapter 1 Safety Management Regimes
Chapter 2 Extant RAAF Safety Management System
Chapter 3 Comparison of RAAF Corporate Safety Management Framework with Other Safety Management Frameworks
Chapter 4 Comparison of RAAF Workshop Safety Management System with Other Safety Management Systems