Air Force Interact
Air Force Roulettes
Air Force's elite formation aerobatic display team.
Air Force Balloon
The mobility of the RAAF Balloons enables them to travel to many regional areas.
Air Force Band
The band supports a wide range of Air Force ceremonies and parades, and also public events and community festivals.
Air Force Museum
Located outside Melbourne, the museum has interactive flying displays three times a week, as well as an extensive static display of Australian military aviation history.
Details of our next airshow.
Heritage Centre
Air Force's regional Heritage Centre displays highlight the history of the RAAF and to celebrate the links between bases and the local community.
Air Force Social Media
Connect with us through social media, or find Air Force photos in the Image Gallery.
Details of Air Force Flying Operations
Air Force Requesting Air Force Displays
You may apply for Air Force assistance, such as flypasts or other displays.
Air Force Games
Take command, build your forces and conquer your opponent.
Air Force Wallpapers
Download our Evolution Wallpapers.
Work Experience
The Royal Australian Air Force offers a number of exciting work experience placements managed via the Defence Work Experience Program.
Comments and Enquires
General enquires, aircraft noise, website errors, Air Force service records.
F-111 Deseal/Reseal
Find reports, related links and the joint Defence and Veterans Affairs website.