Requesting Air Force Displays

Requesting Defence Assets

Defence receives a high volume of requests for public displays and participation in events from the community each year. This can include support to Public Events of Significance (PES), Defence Assistance to the Civil Community (DACC) or local requests for support to community based activities, ceremonial representation or guest speakers.

To apply for Defence support, an event organiser or community representative should in the first instance contact the relevant Joint Operations Support Staff (JOSS) for their state or territory. The JOSS contact details can be found at this link

Requesting Air Force PR Assets

Air Force is privileged to have a range of Public Relations Assets that can be deployed for public displays and participation in a range of events. The intent for Air Force community engagement is to increase our presence in regional and rural areas whilst also attending events that are large enough in scale and/or impact to warrant the use of Defence resources. It is important to note that approval is unlikely for requests for participation in private events such as weddings, school fetes/fairs, and carnival style events or events where safety, commercial or exposure concerns are apparent.  Please note that if Air Force agrees to support your event, operational circumstances may cause withdrawal of part or all support to the event at short notice.

These Public Relations Assets include the Air Force Roulettes, Balloon, Band and Museum all of which can be requested  by completing the Application For Air Force Support  form. Please complete this form to provide Air Force with information necessary to consider your request. Simply type your answers into the box beneath each question. Requests for any Air Force support need to be received at least eight weeks prior to the event date, however early submission assists with planning and preparation time.

Requests are considered in light of the budget, tasking, location, audience and other factors however it is important to note that Defence or Air Force participation may be altered or cancelled at short notice due to operational requirements.

Centenary of Anzac

The period from August 2014 to Remembrance Day 2018 will encompass a number of historical milestones on Australia's involvement in conflicts including anniversary events in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War.]

To ensure all Defence assets are tasked appropriately, requests for Centenary of Anzac related events are being coordinated centrally jointly by Defence and DVA.

To request Defence ceremonial support for an Anzac or Defence Ceremonial event, please visit the below website and submit the required application form on the Centenary of Anzac website.