Border Protection
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Air Force Involvement

Operation RESOLUTE

Operation RESOLUTE is the ADF’s contribution to the whole-of-government effort to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests. The Operation RESOLUTE Area of Operations covers approximately 10% of the world’s surface and includes Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone which extends up to 200nm around the mainland, Christmas, Cocos, Keeling, Norfolk, Heard, Macquarie and Lord Howe Islands.

At any one time, up to 620 ADF personnel at sea, in the air and on the land, are working to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests. They work alongside personnel from Customs and other agencies.

Air Force AP-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft operating from RAAF Base Darwin provide aerial surveillance of Australia’s north-west and northern approaches.

More information about Operation RESOLUTE is available at this link.


Operation GATEWAY 

Operation GATEWAY is Australia's enduring contribution to the preservation of regional security and stability in South East Asia.

For Operation GATEWAY, the ADF provides maritime surveillance patrols in the North Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

Operation GATEWAY helps to maintain the bilateral Defence relationship between Australia and Malaysia. It is part of the support to Australia's efforts to counter people smuggling in the region.

ADF assets are dedicated to Operation GATEWAY taskings periodically. The number of personnel involved vary on each occurrence.

More information about Operation GATEWAY is available at this link